Walks and Talks

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’ Chinese Proverb

Ever found yourself opening up naturally whilst out walking with a friend? Almost everyone I speak to can remember occasions where walking has facilitated deep, meaningful conversations and solutions to previously unsolved-problems. Before you know it, you have put the world to rights and feel a huge sense of release as you simultaneously clock up the steps and get your endorphins flowing. #winwin

Inspired by ideas of Dynamic Running Therapy in William Pullen’s Book, ‘Run for your life’, alongside many of my clients experiencing walking meetings at work as great way to move more, I want to help coach clients whilst on the move outdoors. Linking movement (running/walking) with traditional talking therapy which is totally client driven helps to empower the individual to check in more naturally. Replacing the static atmosphere of a clinic room with the outside environment rich in nature, life and potential for change; enhances the creation of momentum in thought processes which have been otherwise ‘stuck’. The idea is that there is less judgement felt as the therapist joins the client side by side, sharing each step together. Stepping forward (at whatever pace is comfortable,) hints at proactivity and helps ‘work’ through issues or barriers to change. When weight loss is the goal, this process really is win win.

Together we will assess and challenge your choices, assumptions, and habits in comparison to your ultimate goals and values as an individual.

So, if you live in London and fancy a ‘walk and talk’, please get in touch to schedule a chat, then grab those trainers…..