Happy Clients

” Just a note to thank you so much for the guidance and support. I really found the weekly sessions to be a great way to focus on how I was approaching my daily eating and to keep me on track and ingrain consistency in my approach to eating. You’ve  helped me become more confident in my choices and better understand what works for me and why! No mystery, no fads, but friendly support and insight. Thanks for everything!”


Mrs A, 41 years old, Dublin

” I have learnt a great deal in the time I have been seeing Katie. She is of course very knowledgeable about nutrition but she is also empathetic and encouraging and talks without jargon – i.e down to earth and not judgmental! I have always carried this feeling of failure and guilt around food and what I eat (I have been to a lot of slimming world meetings!!) but Katie has helped me gain perspective and shift my mindset to a more kind and positive place whilst still being fully accountable for the decisions I make. I feel proud of what I have accomplished in my quest to being more healthy.”


Ms E, 41 years old, London

” I never expected that I would become so informed about nutrition or that I would feel so set-up for the changes to become my lifestyle, after trying all sorts of unsuccessful faddy diets and constantly yo-yo-ing back to sweet treats but (and this is of course early days) I do really feel that the initial accountability has helped a change in my outlook for life. Katie has been great, very supportive and informative and a pleasure to see every week. I think the process is actually quite a personal thing and if I hadn’t have felt so comfortable with her it would have been a lot tougher to adhere to.

I don’t remember ever feeling so confident with how I look and feel, which is in no doubt down to the effectiveness of the coaching and the level of support throughout but also the basis in science and evidence which is particularly comforting.

Thank you, Katie, so much for all your help, it really has been amazing and I am waxing lyrical to anyone and everyone who will listen to me “

Miss G, 34 years old London

Well what can I say? Apart from Thank-you to Katie for helping me find ‘me’ again! I look back and can’t believe how ‘underwater’ lost and old I felt, and how much more alive and better I feel today! Katie’s gentle help and guidance along the way and her enthusiasm for my successes  have been beyond amazing. I will be forever grateful.

Mrs D, 54 years Shropshire.

Katie has helped me believe that food doesn’t have to be a battle and I don’t have to eat emotionally when stressed! She has got me away from focusing on the numbers on a scale and instead ‘chasing the feeling’ and focusing on habits. She is an amazing dietitian and I’m thankful for her support.

Mrs P, 39 years, Surrey